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Assembly supply

Types of industrial racking, conveyors, rail systems + references from our clients

Assembly supply

  • Rails (floors, ceilings) 
  • Pallet racks (wholesalers, warehouses, distribution centers) 
  • Shelf racks (warehouses, archives, offices) 
  • Drive-in racks (wholesalers, warehouses, distribution centers) 
  • Console racks (storage of long goods) 
  • Pallet live storage (storing and display of the goods, wholesalers, warehouses) 
  • Flow racks 
  • Platforms, Mezzanine (a combination of warehouse with offices, manufacturing) 
  • Automatic storage facilities: multi shuttle, Mini Load, Pallet racks 
  • Roller conveyor systems

The combination of the above and other assembly according to demand. 

Skutech Assembling: Quickly, safely and responsibly!


  • Actiw Oy
  • Aweja Railsystemen B.V.
  • Bito GmbH
  • Dematic group
  • Esmena SA
  • Hovuma B.V.
  • Nedcon Magazijninrichting B.V.
  • Permar SA

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